Administrative Staff

Cheri M. Lutz
Village Manager

The Village Manager serves as Chief Administrative Officer of the Village and serves at the pleasure of the Village Council. The Village Manager is responsible for the efficient administration of all affairs of the Village and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Village.

Faith C. Akert

The Village Clerk/Treasurer is responsible for overseeing all of the financial operations of the Village. The Clerk/Treasurer is an appointed position, accountable for maintaining the official records, bookkeeping and financial reporting, as well as serving as FOIA coordinator for the Village.
Theresa O’Leary
General Office Assistant

The General Office Assistant is responsible for handling public inquiries, answering general questions regarding municipal services, performing all functions related to quarterly utility billing, and performing a variety of services related to police department functions.
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Police Department

Bryan Campbell
Police Chief

The Schoolcraft Police Department is a full-service police agency.

Business hours for the department are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Any time that you need to speak with an officer you should call 679-5600. After hours, calls are automatically transferred to the dispatch center in Kalamazoo, which has radio contact with the officer on duty

Officers investigate violations of Village ordinances, traffic accidents and violations, and misdemeanor and felony complaints that occur in the Village.

The men and women of the Schoolcraft Police Department continue to work with the community in a partnership to provide a safe and secure environment for the residents of and visitors to the Village of Schoolcraft.

Police Department Statistics for 2013:

  • Officers responded to 1083 calls for service.
  • They issued 630 traffic citations and made 114 arrests.

Police Department Statistics Archive

Vacation Watch Request Form

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Fire Services
Phone: 269-649-1381
Fax: 269-649-0633
Emergency: 911

The Village of Schoolcraft is served by the South Kalamazoo County Fire Authority. SKCFA covers the southern quarter of Kalamazoo County and approximately 144 square miles. SKCFA is a merger of the fire departments of the Villages of Schoolcraft, Vicksburg, and Fulton.

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Department of Public Works

Rob Coffman
DPW Superintendent

Adam Wood
Equipment/Water System Operator

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of Village properties and equipment, public streets, parks, and the water system. The Department of Public Works is also charged with mowing municipal property, street and sidewalk maintenance and snow removal. The Department of Public Works also carries out a number of other tasks necessary to the efficient operation of the Village.

Snow Removal on Streets and Sidewalks

During the snow season, we ask for your patience and cooperation regarding snow removal. It is our goal to remove it as quickly and as safely as possible.

Our first priority is to open major and local streets. This can be accomplished more efficiently if vehicles are not parked along the street. Whenever possible, please park your vehicle off the street during winter months.

Once the snow has been removed from public streets, the DPW will clear public sidewalks of snow. Please be sure that your vehicles are not blocking the sidewalks.

Click here for Brush Removal Guidelines

Click here for Household Hazardous Waste Information

Click here for Standard Construction Requirements (Large file; please allow for extended load time.)

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Water Department

The Water Department performs daily monitoring of wells and provides chemical treatment of the water system to ensure water is safe for human consumption. The department also provides fluoride to assist in the prevention of tooth decay. The Water Department is also responsible for maintenance of the water lines, meter installation, and meter reading.

The Water Department flushes hydrants twice a year, during the months of April and October. Hydrant flushing is done to remove any sediments or minerals that may have settled in the water lines.

The Village of Schoolcraft has a Wellhead Protection Program that was approved by the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality). This program provides for possible contamination sites, increases public awareness, provides awareness of water-contamination issues, explores possible sites for new wells, and promotes the plugging of abandoned wells.

The Village of Schoolcraft issues water bills on a quarterly basis as follows:

  • March 1
  • June 1
  • September 1
  • December 1

The water rate is $4.33 per 1,000 gallons.

The Readiness to Serve Charge located on your quarterly water bill is a fee charged to all customers based on the size of the water pipe into the location.

Quarterly Readiness to Serve Charges
Meter Size
5/8” - 3/4”
1 1/2”

Non-residents shall be charged 150% of above rates.

Water Turn On and Turn Off Rates
Turn off/on for non-payment:
Turn off/on for interference, obstruction, tampering, or any other reason:
Customer requested turn off/on because of emergency or for reason other than vacation if off/on request is received between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, holidays excluded:
Customer requested turn off/on because of emergency or for reason other than vacation if on/off request is received after 4 p.m. Friday through 8 a.m. Monday and holidays:
Vacation turn off/on (1 month or longer) provided turn off/on can be accomplished between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, holidays excluded:
Water Tap-In Fees
Meter Size
To be determined.
3/4” Service
To be determined.
1" Service

Services larger than 1” will be charged according to cost of materials, labor, and equipment at the time of installation.

Please click here for the 2013 Consumer Confidence Report

Click here for Water Shut Off Application

Click here for Wellhead Protection Brochure

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